Learning with vtech Go! Go! Smart Animals {review & giveaway}

You may recall a few weeks ago I posted about meeting the amazing reps from vtech at Blogger Bash and their awesome smart watch, and then last week when I mentioned one of my favorite new toys I was able to play with while there.

from fb cover photo

image from Vtech Toys Facebook Page

I wanted to tell you more about the new Go! Go! Smart Animals today. As you know, vtech has many amazing products, one of them being the award-winning Go! Go! Smart Wheels, which has lead to the Go! Go! Smart Animals. Vtech allows for both traditional role playing and modern technology , for engaging, multi-sensory learning with the Go! Go! Smart line. Each of the playsets feature SmartPoint locations that can recognize each and every SmartPoint vehicle and animal across both lines. What does that mean? When a vehicle or animal is rolled over one of the SmartPoints it will flash and play a greeting, fun sounds, short tunes and sing-along songs. Having never used the Go! Go! Smart Wheels I was unsure what to expect, but from the moment we received our package Lexie could not stop playing with the Rhino on the outside of the box and that was before she knew what was even IN the box! Since then? She’s become obsessed! The playset has traveled from our living room to her room, back again and she’s already asked for more of the playsets for Christmas! jax vtech I love that this is a toy that both Lexie and Jax can play together, Jax loves playing with the animals and making them light up and sing, while Lexie enjoys the whole playset and knows if an animal goes across a SmartPoint it will talk and sing. Lexie and set marked The playset also has fixed and non fixed pieces allowing for the toy to change and become “new” all over again.. not to mention the awesome add on’s and additional setts. While the Zoo Explorer Set comes with a rhino, there are many other animals you can purchase, two other play sets and even extra track {hear that Santa?} PicMonkey go go smart

Lexie and Animals Marked

someone used the last of her birthday money to get more animals (and we’re still missing a few)

but i’ll let Lexie tell you some more about it…

Some more specifics about the Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explores Playset itself:

  • There are 7 different SmartPoint locations with different phrases, music and fun sounds.
  • There are 8 different movable features including a turning gate, spinning water tank and sliding elevator for children to strengthen their motor skills.
  • The multicolored track can be moved and changed and even connect to other Go! Go! Smart Animals or Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets (each sold separately) to encourage creativity.
  • There is an electronic entrance to the zoo that teaches animal names, animal traits, letters, colors and plays music.
  • Price Point is MSRP of $39.99 with other play sets running less and the animals at only approx $7.99 each (which I LOVE).
  • Suggested for Ages 1-5 years old.

just animals   I am excited to share with you that in addition to allowing me to review this awesome product vtech will also be giving one away to a very lucky reader! {ahem, Christmas is coming!} giveaway   This giveaway will be run from Rafflecopter, winner will be notified via email and have 24 hours to respond; good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

~The VTech product (for review and giveaway) and all product information, have been provided by VTech. However, as always; all opinions are my own~

Y3W: Our Senior Preschooler

y3w buttonAs you may remember, Lexie started Preschool unexpectedly in April, her program is known as “Senior Einsteins”.  As of last week she is now known as a “Senior Senior Einstein”, or as she puts it “Mom-mom now i’m a Senior, do you know what that means? I get to go to the BIG school next year on the BUS” she’s so very excited and all I keep thinking is she’s growing so fast.



First day of school


Favorite Things: Blogger Bash Edition

It’s hard to believe it’s been a few months since my awesome trip to blogger bash; but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items.

Let’s start with the new and improved Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Crawl around Car. {this is a must for Jax} Seen it before? Not like this! The newest “model” grows with kids! What do I mean? Here’s what Fisher Price has to say: The “Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Smart Stages™ Crawl Around™ Car puts baby in the driver’s seat of a stationary car that comes “fully loaded” with grow-with-me features for learning and play! Over 75 sung songs, tunes and phrases help fuel interactive learning fun and imaginative adventures—from sit & play, to crawl, to stand and “cruise”! Interactive lights and sounds dashboard keeps baby busy with a light-up baby “GPS”, a horn to honk, gears to shift (and more!), with fun activities to discover all around the car—like an interactive windshield wiper, built-in ramp for ball play, and a shapes & colors sorting door.  And that’s not all! Crawl Around™ Car is equipped with Smart Stages™ technology, an exciting new way to change learning content as baby grows. Every baby develops at their own pace, and Smart Stages™ technology gives you the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child. There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play – just slide the switch! 

Smart Stages™ Technology 
Level 1 – Explore – 6M+: First words and sounds spark baby’s curiosity
Level 2 – Encourage – 12M+: Prompt baby though questions and simple directions
Level 3 – Pretend – 18M+: Imaginative fun and early role play




Next up, is a big one for Lexie. Last summer (2013) Lexie was all about robots and she found one at a flea market she HAD to have, and to be honest its still one of her most used toys. It’s yellow and black, rolls and talk, and has a remote. When I saw MiP I lost my mind! I immediately called Hubs and told him all about it. MiP is the newest product from WooWee and can do almost anything. He balances, does tricks, can follow commands from an app or even your hand…I see him being a must have for many kids this year.



I don’t know about in your house, but with us, anytime we go anywhere (even next door to the inlaws) Lexie has to bring x-y and/or z! We usually limit her to one or two things, or sometimes her little purse. When it’s her purse she will shove anything she can into them. So, when I saw Fash ‘Ems I immediately thought of Lexie and her little purse. Fash ‘Ems are “soft, squishy fashion fun for girls who like to dress up and play with their favorite characters”, similarly; mash’ems are soft squishy toys for boys or girls…  Lexie is obsessed with them, I have a full review posting soon; and lets just say after we were sent some to review Lexie knew what she wanted to spend her birthday money on!

IMG_6695 mash'ems


Blogger bash definitely has me thinking Christmas in July, and one thing I was wondering was how to find a toy that both Lexie and Jax would enjoy, share {yeah, I’m in denial} and wouldn’t drive us insane.  When I saw what Vtech had coming out I knew what Santa was bringing for the group gift. I’d seen their lines of “Go! Go! Smart Cars” before, yet was still intrigued and amazed by the new “Go! Go! Smart Animals.” Be on the look out for a very special post coming next week- you won’t want to miss!


My favorite new thing from Blogger Bash was something unlike anything I’ve even seen before; Squigz! I can’t tell you how long I spent playing at this booth, amazed at the simplicity of them and the range of options of it.


I wasn’t kidding! The options are endless!


and whats even better??? Pipsquigz for little ones!!!  I hope to be bringing you more on these products very soon!


and incase you were wondering…only 98 days until Christmas :)




WW: Lions Fans


Dada’s always been a lion’s fan so of course Jax has to be too! {lion’s are now Lexie’s 2nd favorite team!}


Is there a cuter fan?


My new favorite picture of the two of them!


How was this just 2 years ago???

Y3W v1: Time for Change

y3w button

If you follow me on Inastgram {mrs07c} you know I’ve been struggling to keep everything together. Half way though summer and I kept looking forward to down time, after Lexie’s birthday celebration we had nothing going on; and then guess what? Life likes to keep me on my toes!  The last week of July work announced that our department was no longer and we would be training for another department, we all knew it was coming; we just didn’t expect it so fast. Training would start Monday Aug 11 (the weekend after the birthday festivities) and would be 2 weeks at 1130-8pm and then 6 weeks of 9-530pm; a HUGE change for someone who is used to working 8-230. Not only that but with sitter issues, the one we trusted the most was 20mins from work, so my commute just went up by approx a hour (when you factor in drop off and pick up times); all I can say- Thank GOD for good friends, an amazing husband and wonderful grandparents! I have a whole new coffee addiction from this shift. Oh! Did I mention Hubs Jeep died? (well, it’s not dead; but it’s going to cost over $2500 to fit it and it still may not pass inspection in Jan, needs new tires before it snows, has over 140k miles on it and is over 10 years old; might as well be dead!) so that’s fun….

I’ve also been struggling to spend quality time with Lexie, when you factor in nursing with Jax, making dinner and bedtimes there is not much time left for Lexie. Sure she gets it from Dada (who’s her favorite anyways), and Nana Lynn and GG; but not from Mom-mom. Not to mention trying to find 5mins to myself. I’m exhausted!!! (oh and this past week? Jax had his shots, and has decided he will not sleep at night without lots and lots of nursing and cuddling; pass the coffee?)

There is so much catching up I have to do, so much I want to write on here, so much I need to do period. Has anyone seen my check book? I think I should pay some bills soon.

Then there’s my health, oh. my. goodness. If it wasn’t for my amazing mother and mother-in-law we may be living on fast food and cereal! Monday we start taking calls as our new position; we have help but it’s all us and to be honest there’s not better time for a fresh start. So, this weekend Lexie’s Godparents are taking her shopping for her birthday and I’m going to sit, sip coffee and make some changes- I need to set priorities and some new goals.  I figure with the crisp fall air turning and a nice hot cup of pumpkin coffee there’s no better time.


What are your plans for the weekend?

With the changes, I want to bring back the Y3W link up and start fresh. Share your “Y3W” post below!