Anne Geddes “Under the Sea”

If I passed Anne Geddes on the street I may walk right by her without even noticing who she is, but if I pass one of her photographs I know in an instant; “that’s an Anne Geddes.”

Anne Geddes is one of the most well know baby/child photographers of our time, possibly the most well known. Her images inspire creativity only an artist can see from behind the lens, yet anyone can enjoy the finished product.

Searching newborn and baby photo ideas when Lexie was born, and again when Jax was born you would see people try to recreate her work; but there was (and is) only one original. The colors, poses and props she chooses make her as unique as the image itself; but it all works beautifully together- perfectly at that.


I’ve had the above image as a wall paper on my computer, bought merchandise it was on and seen it countless times; and it will forever be one of my favorites.

When I learned that she would be a special guest at Blogger Bash I was in awe, she is one artist I have admired for some time. I knew from her Facebook page she had a new project launching called “Under the Sea” and knew she would be promoting that; I became almost giddy and quickly did a Google search to find out more…and I may have a new favorite photo.



The whole “Under the Sea” collection is adorable though I’m not sure if the mermaid (above) or the sea turtle picture is my favorite.

Anne Geddes is one of a kind, and one of the greats; I love this new collection and can’t wait to see what more she has in store.

Do you have a favorite Anne Geddes’ photo?




Movie night made easy with Pop Secret

Thank you to Pop Secret for sponsoring this post, and feeding my popcorn addiction!

IMG_3734 One thing you may not know about me is I am a popcorn addict, and honestly; Pop Secret Popcorn has always been my favorite! I love it, and could eat it every day {and some days I do}. My earliest memories of popcorn were movie nights at my “proxy grandmas.” We’d have hot cocoa (or root beer floats depending on the season) and popcorn; lay out on the floor and enjoy a new rental from blockbuster {yes, a VHS. Don’t know what that is? Google it while I feel old for a minute}.   Hubs and I recently started movie nights with Lexie and we make quiet a big deal about our every other Saturday night dates; because that’s what you do when a parent works crazy retail hours. Each of us has our own “way” of eating popcorn. I like my bowl while drinking milk, hubs needs a soda; and Lexie, well she has her own blend {see below}.   Hubs and I learned quickly that we cannot share a bowl of popcorn, I think that’s one of those secrets to a successful marriage; it’s like not sharing blankets… he eats it by the handful, I like to enjoy it one pop at a time; but one things for sure- there is NOTHING worse than burned popcorn. The taste, ick; and oh. my. gosh. the smell? Ugh!   Pop Secret has you covered no more burned popcorn with their “Perfect Pop App”, it’s so easy to use Lexie has mastered it and even taught Hubs how to use it.  “Dada it’s just 3 special steps, that’s all you need”   Step 1: Put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave and turn it on per the directions on the box (we used the popcorn button on the microwave).  251_3d21023b3b30a0550591dce0cacd0e5a Step 2: Turn the volume on your iPhone all the way up, and point the speaker to the microwave (be sure to keep the phone within 3 feet of your microwave).   Step 3: Start the microwave, then start the app! {there are even fun facts for your to enjoy  PicMonkey Collage   Now be ready for the fun and wait for the popcorn! It even works with the snack bags {otherwise known as Lexie bags in this house}, just be sure to change the slider from regular bag to snack bag! Please note; at this time the Perfect Pop App is only available for iPhone 5’s using iOS7 (or higher). 251_866d52b36389d5374cc1f6a6adeee182

 Have a minute while you’re waiting for the app to download? Click here for a one question survey about popcorn!   IMG_3768 What is Lexie’s blend? It’s a sweet and salty trail mix we threw together one night, that is now her favorite snack. IMG_3767 It’s simple to make, just take Homestyle Pop Secret popcorn, pretzels, you’re favorite cereal, caramel bits, dried berries, chocolate chips, and honey roasted peanuts; mix them together and you’re good to go!  IMG_3786 Although this post is sponsored by Pop Secret, as always; all opinions are my own.

Y3W: Blogger Bash 2014

y3w button

I don’t do things for me. You could say it’s a mom thing, or a wife thing, but I think it’s always been that way; I’ve always put everyone else first.  A few months ago when a few friends started talking about this exciting event coming to NYC, I hemmed and hawed about maybe considering going, you read that right; not considered going- considered considering it.

As details came out Hubs heard about it and asked if I was going and I replied something to the fact of “naw Jax is too little, with the medical bills it’s not the smartest idea right now.” He asked who was going, when was it, and how much. We talked about it and I was 99% sure  I wasn’t going; it was hard enough to leave Lexie when she was just shy of 2 years old for Blogher’12 (I can still remember her screaming and crying as the train pulled away). The next day Hubs came home and told me he took the days off from work and I was going. Huh? Didn’t we already talk about this? He looked me dead on and asked “when was the last time you did something for you?” I couldn’t answer him. When I was pregnant with Jax all I could do was lay on the couch, before that maybe go for a walk kid free? Yeah, it’s sad I know…

That night I started making plans, found another blogger friend was going and we decided to be roomies, and the plan was in place. It’s hard to believe we’ve now been planning this for months (and have over 125oz of expressed milk stored); and while I’m super excited I’m still anxious about how Jax will be (especially at night) but as Hubs keeps reminding me: “let me worry about that”.

Steph from a Grande Life has come up with few questions for those of us going to get to know each other…

1. Name: mel 

2. Where are you from? Central New York, seen OITNB? Litchfield isn’t far away, and yes it’s a real place; but without the prison.

3. How long have you been blogging? About 4 years. I followed a lot of bloggers from the bump when I was pregnant with Lexie but never started my own until after.

4. What is the meaning behind your blog name? Exactly as it is, in our world there is “Never a dull moment”.

5. What are you most looking forward to at Blogger Bash? Seeing blogger friends is first, followed closely by meeting people from some of our favorite brands.

6. What three words describe you the best? Bubbly, Optimistic, Multitasker.

7. Got kids? How many? 2: Lexie {4 years} and Jax {4 months}.

lexie jax balloon fest marked

8. We all have a pet peeve. What is your #1? Inconsiderate/rudeness.

9. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Eleanor Roosevelt

10. Show me your face! Most recent picture I have, taken at the hot air balloon fest a few weeks ago (more pictures from that coming Wends!)




Living with no regrets…

I’ve been working on this post for a couple of weeks now, trying to find the right words. Writing and rewriting it over and over again. Then last night as I was starting to figure out dinner we decided to go to my in-laws next door. I knew we were under yet another severe thunderstorm warning as we had been the few days before. What I didn’t know is that much of that warning had turned into a tornado warning. What!??! We don’t get tornadoes in Central New York! We get blizzards, ice storms, flood causing rain storms; but NOT tornadoes. This isn’t to say we never have them {ahem this one without warning a few years ago}, but they are few and far between and nothing like what we experienced last night. For 2 solid hours every local news station was glued to the radar, to the scanners and to the social media reports coming in, and like many in the viewing area we were too.

3 hours after it all began the news started to calm down, sure we had some wind, a little rain, even some thunder and lighting but that was it; around us was not so lucky.  Within a 100 mile radius (or less) of us there were 3 tornadoes. Multiples homes are gone, trees on cars and lines; and lives lost. The story came out of Madison County, NY; 5 homes in one neighborhood were gone and people were missing. The count started and ended with 4, 4 people had lost their lives to this line of storms. This doesn’t happen here I kept saying over and over again.

This afternoon names started being released, the governor was holding a press conference; two of the victims? A mom and her four month old baby…FOUR MONTHS OLD…Jax’s age; and I lost it. I have to hope and pray that it happened so fast that they didn’t see it coming, didn’t feel the fear; the pain…because if not? That’s unimaginable!

I’m sure you can search news online to find out more, but that’s not my place to share. I’m just asking for you to hug your little ones a little tighter today, and you’re loved ones too, to let things go, and to take a minute to think it a year later that fight or argument will matter, and most of all to take time to do the things you love because in an instant it can be gone…

The original post (of course) had nothing to do with these storms…it was about Molly and a another heart breaking story…


I guess you could say that I’m lucky, that I’m blessed. I’m fortunate that no one in either side of our immediate family has a tragedy, a loss that has hit us so hard it’s made us question everything.

A few weeks ago, notice a Facebook post from a childhood friend, a friend that I not only went to school with but was in Girl Scouts with, attended Church School with; and were still even close enough that she was the first person to watch Lexie when I returned to school/work.  They had just received horrible news that no one ever wants to hear, her niece (Molly) had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Molly is only 5 years old.


To learn more about Molly, check our the Facebook Page: “Pray for Molly”

I had no words, no clear thoughts, I held Lexie and let the tears flow; all I keep mumbling to my Husband was “what if that was Lexie?”  I’m horrible about saying “we can do it later”, “we’ll do it next time” we’ll do it next year”; we decided that’s no longer the case. We need to make memories, for all of us, because if something was to happen; I’d never forgive myself.

So, we looked at our Summer Bucket List that had fallen behind some other papers on the fridge and realized what we needed to do, memories needed to start this year; not next. There may never be a dull moment in our lives; but i’m certainly making sure there’s more than dull memories too!

4 months old


of course the “official” pic is a little dark, but a genuine smile!

Hard to believe Jax is 4 months old already! I wanted to wait until his appointment to include his stats as well. First, I have to say I’m amazed by little man constantly; he cried for less than 30 seconds after his shots, and was then back to his normal self.


poor guy had no idea he was about to get shots!

Stats: 16lbs 6oz (75%), 26.5inches (95%) and 42.75cm (90%).

It amazes me that his stats are so close to his sisters!

He’s still my long little man, fitting into most 0-3 shorts, some 3 months (finally!) and 6-12month tops. He is so alert and with it it’s crazy.


look at those legs!

He giggles now…

And has found his toes…

Mom-mom’s still his favorite person in the world, followed by Sister and Dada at a close second and third. Lexie can make him stop crying just by talking to him, or dancing for him.

He seems to be able to focus on things, like books, the TV, or (ahem) Mom-mom’s iPhone.

He’s out grown the R-N-P and hates sleeping anywhere we’re not (ie: co-sleeping).  He can roll from back to front in an instant but hasn’t quite figured out front to back.


Roll over champ

During tummy time he picks his head up looking side to side and is already starting to inch worm!!! {slow down baby boy! Mom-mom’s not ready!}


Hanging out in bed one Sunday morning…


Bath time is fun too, though we’ve been battling cradle cap for a few weeks now, nothing major; just annoying.


Laughing at Sissy during bath time

He gets all excited if you give him Blue (his elephant) or Toothless (the dragon); and though he still doesn’t really take a binky he considers it and chews on it.


Hanging out with Toothless

Speaking of chewing, guess what…HE’S TEETHING! I can’t believe at 4months we are starting teething already, insane to me! Pedi said it feels like the bottom fangs are trying to come in first {aww Mom-mom’s little vampire….no, no, no!}; and we’re battling {seasonal) allergies.

He’s still EBF, with no plans to start solids until after 6months.

And the faces he makes? Crazy!

PicMonkey Collagemarked


Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next, one things for sure; it’s never a dull moment!